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You never have to question our commitment. As a Registered Investment Advisor, Smith Partners Wealth Management, has been acting in a fiduciary capacity since 1988. This means we go beyond the industry standard (suitability) in providing guidance that is in our client’s best interest at all times. While new regulations might require more advisors to now follow some portions of fiduciary law, we think part of being a real fiduciary is happily choosing to be one.

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Your passion is our priority. Knowing that each client’s wealth management needs are unique, we provide customized solutions built around a deep understanding of your current situation and future goals. We’ve seen that planning and investing without fully knowing a client’s passions, fears, and history results in a 40 page financial plan that gathers dust and a woefully inefficient investment portfolio. You alone get to define what makes your life rewarding; we’re here to help you get there.

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We work only for you. For nearly three decades, Smith Partners Wealth Management, has been a fee-only investment management and financial planning firm. Simply put, “fee-only” means we are compensated directly by our clients. We sell no products, earn no commissions, and are never compensated by any third parties. We believe our advice, planning and investing are as free as possible from bias and conflict. And furthermore this relationship creates a bond of trust that enables our clients to live their best lives.

What Makes a Great Fit Client?

For Many Advisors, this Question Comes Down to Account Size and “Minimums”

While we’ve found we work best with clients who have at least $500,000 in investable assets, experience has shown that persons with the following traits and characteristics have a high probability of being great-fit, long-term clients:


    You want a financial partner for the long haul. The details of your life, your goals, aspirations and even your mistakes are primary threads in the fabric of our relationship.


    You let us become your primary point of contact for all of your financial needs, and trust us to work collaboratively with your other professionals in finance, legal, tax and insurance.


    You are thoughtful and grounded in the importance of both financial planning and investment management. You know life is a marathon, not sprint.


    You lean toward simplicity and see the value in low cost, long-term index investing. You shun “hot stock tips” and see little value in trying to time the market.


    You believe your money’s purpose is to enable you to pursue your life’s mission and to invest in the people, beliefs and causes that matter most.


    If you are nearer the earlier stages of investing, you are a high saver and want help on the way to accumulating wealth.


    You are drawn to an advisor for their knowledge, compassion, analysis and deliberate intentions to help you lead your best life.

Customized Wealth Management Solutions

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Comprehensive Financial Planning

Our heavily analytical approach encompasses not only the financial, but also the emotional and behavioral impacts at every stage of life. We help clients discover what they’re passionate about and align their financial wealth and income stream with what matters most.

Greensboro Investment Management

Investment Management

With no products to sell or bias in our investment choices, we create a customized, tax efficient, low-cost portfolio tuned to the risk tolerance and financial needs of our clients. Our portfolios are managed by a team with decades of experience and the credentials that meet the highest industry standards.

Greensboro Cash Flow Analysis

Cash Flow Analysis

 Income and expense evaluation plays a critical role in financial planning, however, most budgeting conversations stop at “where” money should be spent. At Smith Partners Wealth Management we think the “why” of spending is much more important.

Greensboro charitable planning

Charitable Planning

Our happiest clients give their time and money away to things and the people they are passionate about. We facilitate tax efficient charitable giving to maximize the impact of gifts over generations.

Greensboro Insurance & Risk Analysis

Insurance & Risk Analysis

As fee-only advisors, we are able to lead the insurance conversation and recommend the best options for you without the conflict of selling anything. Our only goal is to address the needs present; not to sell a product.

Greensboro Legal & Tax Collaboration

Legal & Tax Collaboration

Whether we are simply a second set of ears in the estate planning process or if we’re working directly with a client’s CPA, our welcomed collaborative approach with other multi-disciplinary professionals is designed to give more to our clients.

A Wealth of Experience & Guidance

Here to Help Guide You on How to Achieve Your Personal Wealth Goals

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Managing Partner

Justin Smith, CFA, CFP®

Senior Financial Planner

Anne Flegal Smith

Partner, CCO, Client Advocate

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Giving Back Never Felt So Good

Personal Wealth is More than Budgets & Finances

Whether it’s giving back to the community or helping our clients do the same, giving is at the heart of Smith Partners Wealth Management.

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