Dow 20,000 – Irrelevantly Monumental

There are two equally true sides to this story: 1) it’s irrelevant and 2) it’s monumental. It’s irrelevant Bruce Almighty If we had all been born with 7 fingers and 7 toes we would have celebrated when the Dow broke 14,000 (first in 1999, then again in 2006 and, like your friend who has celebrated

Market Commentary Q4 – 2016

“Look at me, look at me, I am the Captain Now!” On Election Eve, pollsters predicted Donald Trump’s probabilities of winning at around 12%. By Election night, the world experienced a low probability, high impact event. As Mr. Trump neared 270 Electoral College votes, investors flew to safety: bond prices soared, the dollar sank, and

Our New Name

Nothing has changed except our logo... ...and the letterhead, business cards, and of course the new website. After nearly 30 years as Jonathan Smith & Co. Investment Counsel we have changed our name to Smith Partners Wealth Management. When I founded Jonathan Smith & Co., it was just that: me, breaking free from the commission-driven